After watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi two times this past weekend, I am thinking a lot about the underlying themes of the Star Wars universe. One of those is balance. It seems like an appropriate discussion topic in so many ways.

  • Our diet needs a balance between different types of foods with different nutritional values
  • Our bodies need a balance between heavy activity and rest
  • Our minds need to be engaged and stressed at times, but relaxed at other times
  • Our relationships are usually a mix of different types of relationships which serve different purposes in our lives

When we are out of balance (regardless of which way out of balance), there are typically negative consequences. For example, if I am stressed about work unable to focus at home, then my loved ones may become stressed about my stress…which perhaps even cycles back to me and creates even more stress.

So, the key is finding ways to achieve and maintain balance. This is hard. Really hard. But, as hard as it is to do ourselves, it is even harder to help others achieve balance. Here are a few things I have been thinking about that you can use yourself or you can use to help those around you:

  • Bring it back to basics. What are were trying to achieve here? What are your goals in life? Forget about all the specific things going on right now and let’s think about the long term.
  • Look outside yourself. Forget about your own personal feelings, thoughts and desires. What do my closest friends and family think? How are my actions affecting them?
  • What, when and how are you getting out of balance? Stop being reactionary to the events in your life and proactively control those things that adversely impact your ability to achieve balance.



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