About 6 months ago, Nathan Walker and I got accepted to speak at the biggest Angular conference of the year, ng-conf. Our talk that got accepted was called Super-Powered, Server-Rendered Progressive Native Apps. The idea was to talk about the best practice for building a JavaScript app that targets multiple platforms (i.e. iOS, Android, the web, etc.) at the same time. After going through a number of prototype iterations we settled on a concept that we named xplat. However, to really demonstrate the power of this idea, we felt like we needed to create a legit, “real world” product that utilizes all the xplat concepts.

That’s when Nathan came up with an awesome idea.

There’s this artist named Andy McNally who draws sketch notes for Apple’s WWDC and other big events. His stuff is super awesome and really informative. Both Nathan and I love reading sketch notes so we thought…why don’t we build an app that allows artists to easily create sketch art online and allows people like us to easily find and consume this art?

That’s when SketchPoints was born.

We built this initially for ng-conf, but in the future we want to open up the platform to other artists and many more events and add many more features. Our vision is that consumers in the future will be able to use SketchPoints to enhance nearly any online or in-person event experience.

So, if you love this idea like we do and want to see it grow, please upvote SketchPoints on ProductHunt.