Back to Work

Back to Work

Most people need to work in some form or fashion. Love it or hate it, work is a staple of life.

On one extreme, life is work. Everything else comes secondary. 100 hour+ weeks, little sleep, broken relationships and poor health are common.

On the other extreme, work is a necessary evil but one to be avoided whenever possible. Life is more about fun and recreational activity.

As much as I try for balance, my tendency is toward the former. However, one thing I recognize is extremely valuable is time away from work. Every time I spend a week or more away from work, I come back even more fired up and energized. I constantly forget about this and feel guilty about taking time off when it is coming up on the schedule. After it is over, though, I can’t appreciate it enough.

So, it’s a new year and its time to get back to work! Let’s do this.